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Our Response to COVID-19

We are taking the following measures in response to COVID-19.

(1) Adoption of staggered working hours and remote working
(2) Thorough ventilation at our offices
(3) Holding meetings via web conference whenever possible
Adherence to the following rules is mandatory when holding a regular face-to-face meeting:
1) Keep the number of participants to the minimum
2) Make the meeting as short as possible
3) Avoid sitting squarely in front of someone
4) Ventilate the room frequently
5) Wear a mask at all times
6) Maintain a safe distance from other people in the room

(4) Disallowing overseas business trips, as a rule (domestic business trips are allowed if they are absolutely necessary)
(5) Wearing a mask, washing hands, gargling, temperature taking and recording both in the morning and at night
(6) Disallowing parties and business meals, as a rule